A Dream

An article published in April 1993 in the newspaper Inuvik Drum reports the testimony of Eric Schweig about one of his dreams:

« Schweig said he had a strange feeling that he might never meet his mother after a dream he had when he was 18. In the dream he was walking towards a house where he could see a woman that he knew was his mother, but when he was 5 feet from the open door it slammed shut. “I was crying when I woke up…it was so vivid”, Schweig said. »

The article in Inuvik Drum also reported this event:« One day in Vancouver, where [Eric Schweig] now lives, he met Willie Thrasher on the street. The two got talking and before long Schweig realized he must be related to Thrasher. He said Thrasher hooked him up with his Aunt Agnes in Williams Lake, B.C. in the hopes of finding his mother. But three days later, his birth mother died and he was too late. »

Just as in his dream, Eric Schweig was so close to find his biological mother, but death locked an insurmountable door on Margaret Thrasher only a few days before Eric Schweig had the opportunity to see her.

Source: Inuvik Drum

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  1. Dear Ericscheigfan,

    Thank you so much for all the effort you have made to keep this site update.

    I don’t know if you have found any videos on youtube of Willie Thrasher.

    If you see the picture of him you might think it is Eric Schweig.

    Here by the link:

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