Eric Schweig and Roseanne Supernault – “Maïna”  (2013) © Caperaa Obscura Production.

In the province of Quebec, during Fall 2011 and Spring 2012, Eric Schweig plays one of the main characters for the new movie Maïna, a story of a spiritual journey a young woman undertakes in the Great North 3,500 years ago. The script is directly inspired by Dominique Demers novel Maïna. Beyond stunning images and landscapes, Maïna unfolds as an adventure film, coupled with a love story. Maïna is “a film about the knowledge of the other, which plays a lot of similarity and dissimilarity between two completely different cultures, the Innu and Inuit”, said director Michel Poulette. The story unfolds through scenes of hunting, battles and love, bringing characters dressed in period costumes, in a very realistic production.

Roseanne Supernault, Ipellie Ootoova, Uapshkuss Thernish and Eric Schweig – “Maïna”  (2013) © Caperaa Obscura Production.

Maïna (Roseanne Supernault) is the daughter of the Innu leader Mishtenapuu (Graham Greene), who attends a bloody confrontation between his clan and the clan of “Men of the Land of Ice.” Following this confrontation, Maïna chooses a mission that will change her life. To fulfill the promise that she has made to her friend Matsii on her deathbed, she embarked on the trail of their enemies to deliver Nipki  (Uapshkuss Thernish), a 11 year old boy that the Inuit have captured. But she was also taken as prisoner by Natak (Ipellie Ootoova) and his brother-in-law Quujuuq (Eric Schweig), and forcibly taken to the Land of Ice.

Eric Schweig as Quujuuq – “Maina” (2013) © Caperaa Obscura Production

The forty days of shooting for Maïna took place in the vast natural cathedrals of Mingan Park on the North Shore of Quebec, including the edge of the Magpie River, and the desert areas of northern Quebec (Nunavik).  Maïna moved into production in Kuujjuaq in May 2012. “Planning the film’s segments in Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan, on Quebec’s north shore, and in Kuujjuaq, proved to be a cross-cultural experience that everyone involved in the film embraced”, says producer Yves Fortin.

Eric Schweig and Roseanne Supernault - “Maïna” (2013) © Caperaa Obscura Production.

Eric Schweig and Roseanne Supernault – “Maïna” (2013) © Caperaa Obscura Production.

In an artistic choice that honors Mr. Poulette, he has argued that all the characters in the film had to speak Innu and Inuktitut. In short, no strange accent to discuss in the languages in question, a Hollywood fad that Graham Greene has  parodied in the comedy Maverick. To minimize the use of subtitles, the dialogues were minimized. A silence, a look, it also speaks. No character will be doubled, so we will hear Eric Schweig speaks Inuktitut, the language of his ancestors, for the first time on screen.

Behind the scene at Chute Manitou – “Maïna” (2013)  © Caperaa Obscura Production.

Scheduled for release in Fall 2013,  the French subtitled version of Maïna will be distributed by Equinoxe in Quebec and possibly in France, and its English subtitled version will be distributed by Union Picture in Canada and, if all goes well, in the United States as well.

Eric Schweig and Ben Watt - "Maïna" (2013) © Caperaa Obscura Production.

Eric Schweig and Ben Watt – “Maïna” (2013) © Caperaa Obscura Production.

Director Michel Poulette from Productions Nuit Blanche, and Danny Bergeron from the Canadian production company Wizzfilms, argue that this production is a first film collaboration between white, Innu and Inuit. The Innu, through their leader Jean-Charles Piétacho and Innu Council of Ekuanitshit (Mingan), as well as the Inuit, through the leader Pita Aatami, President of Makivik Corporation, decided to support the project to the point of becoming co-producers.

Behind the scene in Kuujjuak with Eric Schweig  – “Maïna” © Caperaa Obscura Production.

Behind the scene in Kuujjuak with Eric Schweig  - "Maïna" © Caperaa Obscura Production.

Behind the scene in Kuujjuak with Eric Schweig – “Maïna” © Caperaa Obscura Production.

MAÏNA Trailer from



Screenplay: Pierre Billon

Production: Michel Poulette

Stars: Roseanne Supernault (Maïna), Tantoo Cardinal, Graham Greene, Eric Schweig, Ipellie Ootoova, Natar Ungalaaq and Uapshkuss Thernish.

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Source : La Presse, Nunatsiaq Online, Le Devoir, 7 jours, L’action, Hebdo Côte-Nord

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  1. June 13th 2013-Today in Shanghai: 16th Annual Shanghai Film Festival where MAÏNA, with Eric Schweig, is screening and up for a Golden Goblet award.
    The actress Roseanne Supernault attended the festival with the director Michel Poulette.

  2. Saw MAINA today at the Traverse City Film Festival and loved it. The film, along with Michel and Roseanne, received a warm and loving response.

  3. Gary Allen Gardner

    I, too, saw the film at the Traverse City Film Festival, and was very, very impressed. It is a stunningly beautiful film, that tells a moving story. Ad I want to own a copy of the soundtrack; it’s that good. A magnificent film, not to be missed!

  4. I would love to see Maina too…it is not available in thre USA as far as I know. Where can a DVD be obtained?

  5. This movie blew me away, possibly his finest I have seen.

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