Eric-Schweig-Blackstone lunch-party-season 2Eric Schweig’s definition of success is dealing with immediate issues, i.e. if someone is hungry – feed them; if someone is homeless – find them housing.”

Eric points out that we are all humans and our natural instincts are to help others. His message is: We are all connected so do whatever you can do.”

(Eric Schweig, SAY, 2012)

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  1. Very special and right saying regarding helping each other. The journey of Life is never alone, thank God. To be yourself is a greatest art and harmony and purpose, also to be best of what you may and should be. Do not afraid and hide from circumstances, rather then kindly, wise and with patience to solve it and live it and find important message for your Life! Humbling always is a light on a road! God bless those who serve and those who grateful and all of God’s creation! Thank you once again for emailing me this post, kind and true expression! Alena Drojjina Wright

  2. Graveron Karina

    Trop beau…

  3. Graveron Karina

    Quelle classe….quelle beauté

  4. I just wish that I could chat with him someday to tell him that’s he’s a really good and great person.

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