ES Gemini 4I am skeptical by nature, but I keep an open mind. This is not because something is unlikely that it is impossible. Astrology? Although its relevance seems very unlikely, it is perhaps not impossible. Then, as we have entered lately the sign of Gemini, and since Eric Schweig was born under this sign of the zodiac (June 19), why not investigate?

I have four very good friends for more than twenty years, and two of them are Gemini. Although they are very different personalities, they have rather striking common traits, which I found in the descriptions below. Perhaps these descriptions of Gemini will help us learn more about the famous Inuit actor… or not 😉

“Geminis are said to have a dual nature, as symbolized by twins. This duality also represents exchange and interaction. Key traits of Gemini are the following: Communication, Socialization and Adaptability. The sign of Gemini is thought to be very adaptable and flexible, sometimes to the point of “being” two different personalities.

People who are born within 21 May – 20 June have this sign. Some famous Gemini celebrities: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Marilyn Monroe, Paul McCartney, Josephine Baker, Paul Gauguin, Sir Lawrence Oliver, John F. Kennedy, Johnny Depp, Anne Frank, Prince, Dean Martin, Naomi Campbell, Queen Victoria, Judy Garland, Bob Dylan, Boy George, Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, M.C. Esher.

Have you ever heard of the phrase, two sides of the same coin? If yes, then it would come in handy while you attempt to understand a Gemini guy, for guys born under this zodiac sign have dual and sometimes even multiple personalities to them. They have a mystic quality to their being which is difficult to trace from far. Only when you get close to a Gemini would you understand his different traits and characteristics. Gemini men love to make friends and get well with almost everyone. But they have a tendency of moving over old friends to make newer ones. This is due to their constant need for discovering new and latest things. ” The Famous People

“Gemini’s zodiac symbol is the twins, but maybe a butterfly would be more appropriate. Until they are done living, at least, both Gemini and this beautifully winged insect are impossible to pin down. Gemini gets a thrill out of meeting new people, gathering information about them, and spreading it around. Yes, it’s true this sign has a reputation for being a bit of a two-timer, because Gemini is the very embodiment of duality.

Gemini is very strong, and to some extent superficial about emotions. It’s not that he isn’t feeling it: Gemini people have the ability to intellectualize feelings, so they’re able to detach themselves and be “in control” of emotions much more readily than the average person. There’s a real heart there, nonetheless, and you’ll see it when you have times of trouble. Gemini will step right in and try to turn your frown upside down until you’re smiling again.” Dr Laura Berman

“Gemini, the sign of the Twins, is dual-natured, elusive, complex and contradictory. On the one hand it produces the virtue of versatility, and on the other the vices of two-facedness and flightiness. The sign is linked with Mercury, the planet of childhood and youth, and its subjects tend to have the graces and faults of the young. Like children they are lively, and happy, if circumstances are right for them, or egocentric, imaginative and restless. They take up new activities enthusiastically but lack application, constantly needing new interests, flitting from project to project as apparently purposelessly as a butterfly dancing from flower to flower.

Their good qualities are attractive and come easily to them. They are affectionate, courteous, kind, generous, and thoughtful towards the poor and suffering – provided none of the activities resulting from expressing these traits interferes too greatly with their own lives and comforts.”Astrology Online

“If you’re born between the 13th and the 21st of June, the influence of Aquarius and the unpredictable planet Uranus has a sway over your life and your temperament. You are spontaneous in many areas of your life and like to explore the unknown. Your life will swing from the positive to the negative so you must be prepared for some turbulent times in your life. At least you’ll never be bored with the challenges that are presented to you, and as you grow older and develop more wisdom, you’re likely to be regarded as someone with extraordinary knowledge and a capacity to help those around you. Your path is one of compassion and humanitarianism. “

“A Gemini male has a dual nature, which can get extended to three-four different personalities too. His typical personality traits include friendliness, love for people and getting along with almost everyone. He can talk on any topic under the sun, is an excellent conversationalist and has a witty nature. More often than not, he becomes the life of a party.

Gemini men have a personal side, which they will never share with anyone, not even with their lover. However, his basic nature includes a sharing attitude, in case of money, knowledge, happiness and almost everything.

A Gemini guy loves an audience, whether it comprises of males or females. Don’t try to bind Gemini men too much and let them have their independence and freedom. In return, they will do the same for you. “ I Love India

“Gemini are extremely independent. They will not be pinned down by anyone or any rules. They need to experience the world on their own. Change and freedom are extremely important to Gemini, they will never let anyone dictate them, they are extremely independent and freedom is essential to their mental well being.

Gemini makes very interesting and exciting friends. They like to leave their mark on everyone they meet. They are very flighty and will disappear for a long time as they meet new friends and explore new places. But when they come back, they will have new thoughts, opinions and interesting things to share and ideas to teach. Life is very interesting and fun with a Gemini friend. They are very generous with their friends, they will spend lots of time with you and share everything with you. Even though Gemini is a social butterfly, they always need time for themselves and that should be respected.” Zodiac Signs

“Gemini people have a vivacious, restless and anxious nature. This is the sign of the Twins, and all born in it have two distinct and pronounced natures—one very low and one very high. There is only one thing for a Gemini person to do, and that is to first realize his dual nature and then go to work with a grim determination to kill the lower or base nature. It can be done, and when accomplished, the Gemini man or woman rises to the very highest success and happiness.

You will find you have two minds all the time in intense action; one says do this and the other says do that. You want to travel and you want to stay at home; you want to work like a demon, and you want to be as lazy and indolent as a drone. Always restless, always anxious and apprehensive, and yet at times very calm. This restless, nervous temperament is due to fear and doubt, and must be supplanted by courage and hope and faith. As a matter of fact, there is no person who can do more and achieve greater success than you can if you will only understand how favorably you are born and your great and wonderful forces of the unseen world which are always ready to help you, if you will only give these powers half a chance.

You can amass great wealth, have perfect health, and permanent happiness the very moment you begin to live in your higher nature. Worry, discontent, complaining and murmuring will keep you in darkness and misery.

Above all things be truthful and avoid making extravagant statements or narrating exploits in which you were the central figure; in plain English, don’t be an egotist. In India many of the great seers, sages, Yogis and adepts came out of this sign. The Gemini person is naturally very magnetic and has wonderful hypnotic and clairvoyant powers. Some of the greatest philosophers and prophets of the world were born in this sign.” The Hindu Book of Astrology   

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  1. Dear Sirs,
    The above article or research explained is more than 90 percent true to my knowledge about Gemini and I must appreciate in the core of my heart. Extremely fantastic.

    Thanks and best regards.
    One of the Geminis.

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