It Waits

Cerina Vincent and Eric Schweig -It Waits (2005)

Cerina Vincent and Eric Schweig -It Waits (2005)

It Waits is a 2005 American horror film starring Cerina Vincent. The film is about a female forest ranger, Danielle St. Claire,who encounters a terrible creature who has been killing people in the remote national forest where she works. When the creature attacks her isolated ranger station and kills her forest ranger boyfriend, she goes after the creature.

In this horror film, Eric Schweig plays a small supporting role. He appears only 5 minutes, 1 hour after the start of the film, and speaks throughout these 5 minutes. His character, Joseph Riverwind, a university professor in archeology “wearing Ralph Lauren”, is also looking for the creature, which his Aboriginal students have unfortunately released at the beginning of the film by blowing up the entrance to a cave. Riverwind gives valuable information to Danielle about this demon and the shamans who have accidentally summoned it from another world hundreds of years ago and then locked in this cave.

Eric Schweig -It Waits (2005)

Eric Schweig -It Waits (2005)

A few hours later, we find the unfortunate professor Riverwind impaled by the creature on a wooden branch in the middle of the road. The creature in the film is modeled after the Wakinyan or thunderbird that appears in myths from the Dakota people of North America., It Waits was filmed in November 2004 on location in the Watershed area about 25 miles east of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.

Eric Schweig -It Waits (2005)

Eric Schweig -It Waits (2005)

Eric Schweig -It Waits (2005)

Eric Schweig -It Waits (2005)

Eric Schweig -It Waits (2005)

Eric Schweig -It Waits (2005)


it-waits[1]It Waits


Directed by Steven R. Monroe

Written by Richard Christian Matheson, Thomas E. Szollosi, and Stephen J. Cannell

Stars: Cerina Vincent, Dominic Zamprogna, Greg Kean, Eric Schweig.

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  1. Hi, I would like to thank you very much for your work in this blog. There is all needed information about our favorite actor in one place and I appreciate that you updating the facts of Eric. If I can suggest (and If it is possible) I would like to see in section “Video” the movie “Bury Heart at Wounded Knee.” Maybe his role is not very significant, but the content of this movie is very important, not only to him and the Indians but also to all Americans in order to remind them that this land belongs to Indians and Indians belong to this land, no mater who formally but not legally own it.
    Well, I know that you are only a fun as we, and did not have contact with Eric, but maybe some day he will read the comments and in the nearest interview answer the questions.
    My question is, Eric why, why did you cut your hair, hopefully you did not loose your identity?
    Thanks again, I hope my English is understandable. Krystyna

  2. I want to see the Movie Eric Schweig starred in this movie Mr.Soul

  3. Please forward my gmail to Eric we have lost communication these past few years . We spoke last in 2009 after my mother passed away. Many things in life change as the years pass. It would be nice to connect. Thank you. 🙂

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