The Final Season of BLACKSTONE

Eric Schweig – Blackstone (2015)

Eric Schweig – Blackstone (2015)

Blackstone is one of those series you may have missed or dismissed. It faces challenges getting audience attention: Canadian, airs on APTN, and set on a First Nations reserve. Blackstone turns its camera on a community and shows it, warts and all. There are no “noble but tragic Indians” here — just the tragedy.

Blackstone could be any rural town in Canada, laden down with high-employment and its associated poverty problems. If you grew up, or even just spent time, in outport Newfoundland, a mining town after the company left, or any other similar location, Blackstone is going to have a familiar feel. As will the characters, from the down-and-outs to the where’re-they-getting-all-that-money? Nearly every aspect of Blackstone is familiar like that. Because Blackstone is not about Aboriginal people. It’s about people. Human beings in desperate, often tragic, but real, life.

Eric Schweig – Blackstone (2015)

Eric Schweig – Blackstone (2015)

Blackstone is unabashedly First Nations, don’t misunderstand me. And you will learn about the issues, same as with those other shows, because Blackstone doesn’t shy away from them either. It tears off the bandages, picks off the scab, and shows you the wound. You see the despair behind the substance abuse, and the results of it. You learn enough about residential schools to see how their impact is still being felt, how the program destroyed lives and communities. You get some history of land claims and how the government treats First Nations. There’s water problems, housing issues, government audits, conniving oil companies. You’ll learn some Cree, even. Blackstone doesn’t lecture though. It neither excuses nor condemns, it simply presents. It gives you just enough of a look at the reality of reserve-life to send you googling for more détails.

Eric Schweig – Blackstone (2015)

Eric Schweig – Blackstone (2015)

Above all, Blackstone is simply fantastic television: top notch ensemble acting, excellent direction, and riveting storylines. It’s gritty and gripping. Blackstone deserves a place alongside all those specialty channel dramas: The Sopranos, Deadwood, The Wire, and The Killing. It is not just good Canadian television — it is excellent TV period. Unfortunately, it was announced on Monday that this will be the fifth and final season for Blackstone although the door is still open for perhaps a movie, or maybe something else. The new season starts on Nov. 3, which means you have plenty of time to watch the first four seasons. And the great news? You can see them all free online at APTN.

Eric Schweig – Blackstone (2015)

Eric Schweig – Blackstone (2015)

Excerpts from the article by Jeff Rose-Martland | HUFFINGTON POST

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    great show!!! i love to watch but short season 😦 and in Facebook like 35,000 so why not more show next new season… anyway many thanks for show this and enjoy.. wink!!! ❤

  2. So very sorry to see Blackstone end…even though I’ve been able to see only the first 3 seasons via HULU Plus…and one or two on uTUBE. I’ve enjoyed watching this whole cast work their magic with these stories…they are an amazing group…they are able to “become” their characters and make the viewer forget who they are in real life. As much as I admire Eric Schweig…so many times I just wanted to slap Andy Fraser up the side of his head or kick him in a very sensitive place! I’ve always admired Michelle Thrush, Nathaniel Arcand, Carman Moore and Andrea Menard in the few programs/movies I’ve been able to get here in the States. Tantoo Cardinal is the grand lady of Aboriginal entertainment and has been a favorite since Dances With Wolves…where I first saw her…enticing me to hunt for other of her films. Never been disappointed. Enjoyed seeing for the first time (for me) the work of Steven Cree-Molison, Roseanne Supernault, Julian Black Antelope , Cheri Maracle and Georgina Lightning. They’re exceptional actors. Enjoyed all of the cast, and will be watching for any of their future work.
    I do hope whoever is responsible for the spirit of this show decides to continue with a movie or some other branch off…and at LEAST offer this production in DVD form so many, many more people can enjoy it and learn from it.

  3. i really loved the series black stone

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