Coming soon “POIGNANT”

Poignant 1

Eric Schweig and Laura Mitchell in “Poignant” 2016 (behind the scene)

Genres: Thriller

Producer: JJ Production

Distributor: TW Media Events

Theatrical Release: fall 2016

Director: Jaspreet Kaur

Producer: Prabhjot Bhangu

Screenplay: Jaspreet Kaur, Prabhjot Bhangu

Starring: Laura Mitchell, Steve Baran, Eric Schweig

Running Time: 90 mins.

Poignant 2

Eric Schweig in “Poignant” 2016

Poignant 3

Eric Schweig in “Poignant” 2016 (behind the scene)


Posted on 28 July 2016, in Films and tagged , . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Wowww impressive work of Eric !!!

  2. Rosier Valerie Nathalie

    It would be great to see Eric in a new movie because here in France we don’t have the chance to often see him. I hope this movie will come in my country. Eric is a great man and I miss him.

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