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es-officeAlthough I don’t exactly wake up in the morning and piss excellence, occasionally something bordering on the interesting might trickle out.”

(Eric Schweig Official Facebook Page 2016)


Eric-Schweig-325x432“That’s when you really start to appreciate bowls of soup – getting a bowl of soup during the day, a hot bowl of soup, when I was homeless in Toronto, where it’s 40 below zero in the winter time. You get a bowl of soup, that’s like God.”

(Eric Schweig, A Year of Soup, 2013)



es4[1]Mohican Press: Would you describe yourself as a private person?

Eric Schweig: Yep!

(Mohican Press, 1998)


Eric Schweig qn“My sanity depends on my ability to be nomadic. So, wherever I set up shop, whether it’s Montreal, Toronto or Los Angeles, I’ll get there, find a place to live and look around on the Internet for outreach places. And I’ll phone them and ask them if they need volunteers. Usually, the first person that phones back, I’ll go do volunteer work for them.”

(Eric Schweig, c 2009-2010)

The Street

Eric Schweig 17“I was homeless when I was a kid. I walked the streets with holes in my shoes and I stood in line at soup kitchens. I lived in hostels and I was an alcoholic until 14 years ago. I never met my biological mother. I was adopted at six months of age. My mother died of alcoholism and she was homeless as well. I also am an adult survivor of abuse by my adoptive parents. Now I am an outreach worker. I am a resource assistant for youth, I work in the street. I started volunteering with Resource Assistance for Youth—RaY Inc., and they hired me to work with them. I now work with homeless people in Winnipeg, Manitoba—we feed them and clothe them. I work with sex trade workers and I try to hook them up with agencies that can help them. I don’t just talk about it, I do it.” (Eric Schweig, Indian Country, 2012)

Advice for Young People

eric-schweig-with-children2[1]“If I had any advice for young people, it would be to find out whatever it is you love to do, and do it, and don’t let anybody derail you from what you want to do. Just look inside your hearth, and find out what it is, and go after it. And do it until your dead.”

(Eric Schweig, Blackstone Cycle, 2011)


Eric-Schweig-Blackstone lunch-party-season 2Eric Schweig’s definition of success is dealing with immediate issues, i.e. if someone is hungry – feed them; if someone is homeless – find them housing.”

Eric points out that we are all humans and our natural instincts are to help others. His message is: We are all connected so do whatever you can do.”

(Eric Schweig, SAY, 2012)

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