1989         –War of the Worlds (TV “Dust to Dust”)

1990         –The Shaman’s Source

1992         –By Way of the Stars (TV)

1992         –The Last of the Mohicans

1993         –For Love and Glory (TV)

1993         –The Broken Chain

1994         –Due South (TV pilot)

1994         –Squanto: A Warrior’s Tale

1994         –Pontiac Moon

1995         –500 Nations (TV, voice)

1995         –Follow the River

1995         –The Scarlet Letter

1995         –Tom and Huck

1995         –Hawkeye (TV “The Ally”)

1996         –Red River

1996         –Dead Man’s Walk

2000         –Big Eden

2000         –Canada: A People’s History (TV)

2000         –Lipton Sidekicks “Tonto” commercial (TV)

2000         –Hollywood Off-Ramp (TV “Casino”)

2002         –Skins

2003         –Mr. Barrington

2003         –Cowboys and Indians: The John Joseph Harper Story

2003         –The Missing

2005         –Into the West

2005         –It Waits

2005         –Shania: A Life in Eight Albums

2006         –One Dead Indian

2006         –Indian Summer: The Oka Crisis (TV)

2006         –Not Like Everyone Else

2006          –Mr. Soul

2007         –Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

2009         –Cashing In (TV, ended 2011)

2009         –Kissed by Lightning

2009         –Arbor Live ! (TV, ended in 2013)

2010         –A Flesh Offering

2010         –Casino Jack

2011         –Blackstone (TV, ended in 2014)

2013         Maïna

2014         Terra Pericolosa (TV “Elementary”)

2015         Inheritance (web series)

2016         Poignant

  1. some great bodies of work in this list!

  2. one of the few characters who can be classified as “strong”
    love everything from this list,,, but I have my favorites….

  3. It’s too bad that some of the movies are so hard to get, especially here in Germany. If anyone could help, I really appreciate it!


    Muito dificil encontrar os filmes e as séries de tv aqui no Brasil, pois sou sua fã, admiro sua arte, um dia terei o privilégio de conhecer pessoalmente seu trabalho com as esculturas.. abraços

  5. From France, a french word for you : ADMIRATION.

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