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  1. It is interesting, and Eric knows that there is such a quality magazine devoted to him? All over the Internet was not able to find anything better.

  2. I love you, I would fought by your side in The Last of the Mohicans, lolz

  3. I think, it`s the best video about Eric. This is a real direction. … It`s a pity, he doesn’t know it

  4. I agree.. What a quality blog you have here. You truly honor Eric with respect of his craft in both acting and art, informed us of his life struggles and triumphs with dignity, and helped him to make us aware of the abuses and inequalities of aboriginal adopted children and families. Thank you for that, ericschweigfan.

    Ever since I saw ‘Last of the Mohicans’ I thought him the most beautiful piece of a man I’d ever seen. His eyes sparkled, his smile entreated, his face lovely to look at. I’ve romanticized him and fantasized of him, but nothing was equal to the facts found here in your blog.

    He is even more beautiful than I ever imagined, for he is a man with a just cause. A man must stand for something, or he will fall for anything. Fight on, Eric.

  5. All the Mothers in this world Eric love you.

  6. I agree a great blog honouring such a great man, I’ve have admired Eric ever since I saw the film The Last of the Mohincans. He is such an inspiration for all the work that he does do, with the community, his art and his acting, will be a fan till the last breath I take on this earth….Don’t ever stop what you do Eric…..

  7. Eric,I get a relaxed, warm feeling when watching you work. Thank you for your art, thank you for just being you. Your great at what you do.

  8. I start paying attention on native people after watching the movie “Follow The River” on youtube by accident. My eyes keep on actor Eric Schweig. Something about this actor has made me frond of him is that his character is very deep and warm. Then I go on with the movie ” The last of Mohican”……..all of his movies, now I can tell who is my number 1 favorite movie actor forever : Eric Schweig

  9. Maureen E. Sterling

    When everyone else is gone, and there’s nothing but you,alone. What do you do? I like sitting on the porch listening to the darkness. It seems I’m never left alone, people are always around. So the chance to be by myself is comforting, and sooo relaxing. I think as a society we all could use a little more quiet time. I love to read. I write a little. Have you ever thought about writing your own story? With your life experience you probably would be great at it. I understand abuse first hand, my childhood was a nightmare. But we can’t live in the past reliving old hurts, it took me a very long time to stop being a victim in my own mind, because it affected my relationships with people on every level, but all stories don’t have to end sadly. No one can replace what you lost early on, you are a remarkable man to still be able to laugh, and have compassion for others who are lost & hurting. Even though we’ll never meet I would like to know I’m glad you have been able to look beyond your own pain to help other people, especially children who w/o you may have never found anyone to care about them. Maureen*

  10. Thank you! You give my photo.I love you work!

  11. I have watched LOTM just recently again since it first came out. Twenty two years later and the presence this man commands is astounding. There are no words strong enough to describe the quiet intensity this soul exudes. All the very best to him and the people he wishes to help, Sydney Australia

  12. I have been trying to get a mask,
    Most likely a little custom
    I almost had one purchased from someone, disappeared
    Looking forward

  13. Are there any photos from his mothers campaign to be Mayor?

  14. I read one of Russel Means’ interview talking about making the movie TLOM. When I read that DLL talked about fathers to Russel and Eric in order to work on the characters they were playing in the movie, it pained me just imagining how Eric must have felt. He perhaps didn’t know anything about both his biological parents at the time. He was only 25 then, having left home at 16 and been on his own since. I’m so glad he survived all the hardship and showed the strength of his people. Regardless Eric knew it or not, his presence in and out of this movie shone the light on Native Americans and have touched many people around the world. I hope he knows it now. Best wishes to Eric and all the native people!

  15. Hi Eric. I love to meet you! I sent a letter to you by way of your talent agency of Westwood. I am on your Facebook fan page. Lisa Gautier.

  16. this is the best site ive found for Eric stuff..well done.. Ive enjoyed exploring it ..thankyou

  17. Margaret Thrasher

    Hi eric.. always love to see posts about you.. i am named after your boilogical mother.. she and my dad were siblings.. my dad was lawrence thrasher.. he loved his sister margaret alot and named me after her.. much love

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